About us

The team at British Wrestling Productions have been involved in the British wrestling business for around 20 years, and have been involved in all aspects of the industry – apart from actually wrestling! This versatility to work across the various roles required to make a show a success or to help a wrestler progress their career gives a unique insight into how to make the industry move forward.

The aim of British Wrestling Productions is to take some of the strain off British wrestling promoters and wrestlers by looking at some of the tasks which may be tricky, time consuming or mundane, and providing a cost-effective solution to get these done for them. It can be difficult to make sure everything gets done, and we can give you the confidence that tasks are well in hand whilst you can get on with the other parts of your job.

Although there are many services listed here, more will be added over time and we are more than happy to discuss how we can make our experience useful to you. For more details, check out the services page or drop us a line for more information.