Merchandise has become an ever more important part of the wrestling industry, whether it’s for a promotion or an individual wrestler. It can be time consuming to not only organise merchandise but to run an online store and get orders sent out in a timely fashion. This is where we can help! 

Although we have contacts to get almost any kind of merchandise imaginable ordered, the most standard merchandise we can provide is: 

  • Promotional Prints 

Available in either large or small batches, promotional prints are easy to take to shows and cost-effective to have produced. We can offer basic design services, or you can provide your own image and we will get high-quality prints in a short space of time. 

  • T-shirts 

T-shits have become a must-have for wrestlers and promotions. Fans spend a lot of money on shirts, so it is important to ensure they are high-quality. We can source your shirts from a number of our suppliers – although please note there may be a minimum quantity required. 

As well as the actual merchandise, one of our key services is: 

  • Merchandise Distribution & Storage 

With people leading busy lives and many wrestlers also holding down a second job, we can handle the distribution of your merchandise. You can either have your own online store or use the store function on British Wrestling Productions (coming soon), and you can either provide us with your own merchandise or we can get it produced for you. The merchandise can then be split as some for you to take to shows and some for us to keep for your online store. There is also no up-front cost for this – we just earn a percentage from the merchandise distributed (plus the postage costs), so it is a cost-effective way of having your merchandise managed. 

For more details on any of the above services, please contact us for a quote.