Social media management

A strong social media presence is critical in professional wrestling in the modern era. Be you a wrestler or promotion, engaging fans on social media is important to keeping your image up to date and relevant. Given the time taken to keep up with this on a regular basis, we can help with the planning and posting required on social media. 

We have a range of ways we can help, including: 

  • Event Build Planning 

Whether it’s for a single event or a run of shows, we can help create a plan which will make sure all announcements are made in an organised fashion, keeping fans engaged and reaching as many people as possible. We can also help implement the plan from start to finish, reacting to any ad-hoc changes which need to be made. 

  • Press Releases 

Sometimes a short social media post just isn’t enough to cover a major announcement. We have experience in producing high-quality press releases which get the point across the in the most effective way. This does not need to be a regular task – we can be commissioned on an individual basis per release. 

  • Message Responses 

We can handle the responses to messages, either answering the questions we know the answer to in a professional manner or leaving a holding message whilst finding the response. From our experience a number of the questions sent are very repetitive, meaning having someone to handle those simple responses can save a lot of time. 

We can also work out individual plans to suit the specific wrestler or promotion. For full details, contact us.